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We think it's great to be able to share stuff we like with the people we like and can no longer imagine life without smartphones, computers and co. But we don't feel like sharing our personal data with unscrupulous hackers and other interlopers.

That's why we're taking privacy into our own hands by developing simple, smart products that give you the freedom to keep your "zoo" open or closed whenever you want. – Stay out of my zoo!


We believe there's enough space for all of us on the web. So there's no need to tread on one another's toes or misuse confidential data.


We believe that simplicity is generally the smartest solution to complex problems. That's why our products are smart, simple and easy to use.

Self determination

Self determination is a basic human right and the only possible way to real freedom. Enough said.

Swiss Precision

We put all our knowledge, belief and ability into our products. That's why we try to design and manufacture all our products in Switzerland.