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Recommended by those who know

Our webcam cover is recommended by cyber agents, police and the government's security experts.

"There is no one hundred percent safe anti-malware program. That's why a manual cover makes sense", cyber investigator Andreas Eugster says. He’s the new spearhead of Zug's police in their fight against web criminals. For their stand on the topic of internet crime at the Zugermesse, the departement was equipped with our webcam covers.

Rolf Nägel, head of the Commission for Prevention of the Police in Zurich, distributed our tool to all officials and members of the cadre. "The great thing about this webcam protection is, that it is mechanical and therefore easily visible. That sensitizes the people", Nägel says.

Digital awareness

The youth and prevention police of the cantonal police department in Basel also uses our webcam covers: The policemen distribute them at parents' evenings at schools. "It is the ideal tool to ensure that teenagers – but also adults – are aware of their own digital privacy", Pascal Widmer says, adding that media education has become an important part of education.

Even the government's security experts protect their webcams with – such as Max Klaus, Head of the Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Security (MELANI). "We strongly recommend covering the cameras of smartphones, tablets and laptops", Klaus says. "When it comes to the subject of webcam security, many internet users still behave too unsuspecting", he continues. Meanwhile, MELANI has equipped all of their staff with our webcam covers.