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Software ain't hard enough!

People keep asking us whether a software solutions are a reliable alternative to our Webcam Covers. Sounds like a legitimate question – who wants to stick a cover made of metal or plastic on his device if a program can solve the problem with some app? Tons of camera blocker apps already promise to keep our webcams safe from hackers. But the real problem lies in the nature of software. As long as there’s a program, there will be a loophole for hackers – if not now, then surely later. Even if you regularly update your camera blocking app, a software solution will never provide you with the same security as our good ol’ Webcam Cover! Besides that, everyone will understand our hardware solution at first sight – without any knowledge in software engineering and algorithms.

This may sound a little old fashioned. But it isn’t. Real progress always looks for the best, not the most contemporary vision. And that’s the one we found, folks.