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Watch your apps – or they watch you

Let’s be honest: Most of us just accept any business terms to get their hands on some stunning new app. And that’s how the apps of completely strange engineers can get their hands on our smartphone cameras, photo albums or videos. On his blog, software engineer Felix Krause (who formerly worked for Twitter and currently works for Google) warns from the power that users give to software engineers by granting apps the permission to their cameras. As soon as the app is open, both smartphone cameras can follow us from the toilet right to the bed (and take pics without telling you). These pictures and videos can be uploaded to unknown clouds (without telling you). Furthermore, the app can run real-time face recognition to detect facial features or expressions – without telling you. Krause therefore proposes all users to cover their webcams whenever they’re not in use, revoke camera access for all apps and use copy & paste to paste pictures from your photostream into messenger apps like WhatsApp.

More information can be found on Felix Krause’s blog post.

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