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Webcam cover vs. sticker

Five good reasons to say goodbye to your webcam-sticker or post-it and go for our webcam cover.

1. Sticks like glue…
Sure, that little post-it paper might do it for now. Oh, wait, I think it just fell off. Oh, and there goes another one. Our blink surely is more reliable partner.

2. …but doesn’t glue like glue
A solid sticker definitely sticks better to your cam than some post-it, that’s for sure. Maybe even so good that your webcam lens will remind you of its cover with every single super-blurry pic. There go your 5 megapixels.

3. It’s got the look
Wow, is that your high tech tablet with anti-glare display in this luxury leather-case? Looks great. Just like that shabby piece of paper you’ve put on your webcam.

4. Keeps you focused
It’s bright yellow, sits on on top of your computer screen and distracts you from pretty much everything you do: That webcam-sticker might not enhance your workflow.

5. It’s handy
Open or closed with one single finger movement – we’ve never seen a sticker or post-it do that.

Not convinced yet? Here’s some more good reasons for the blink.