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Digital Privacy

Five good reasons to protect your digital privacy:

1. Our data is valuable
Supermarket customer cards, newsletters and apps: we share our data with companies and organizations on a daily basis without even thinking about the value it possesses. The amount of data that’s stored and analyzed is a veritable gold mine. Regardless of whether it’s marketing specialists, health insurance companies, or criminal hackers, information about our interests, family relationships, and health does not belong in the hands of strangers. Unless we’re willing to share it.

2. Knowledge is power – and power is misused
When criminals know things about our private life – even if it seems banal – we allow ourselves to be extorted, as they can threaten to publish our intimate images or personal information online. The same applies to our professional life: anyone who’s the victim of espionage may fall behind the competition or have to worry about their social reputation. But companies also use the power of collected data, targeting us with advertising and encouraging us to buy.

3. The Internet cannot be controlled
The Internet and the connected tools are riddled with traps: countless spyware and malware programs are just waiting for the opportunity to access personal data or even control our devices remotely. Spyware, remote access Trojans (RAT), and other virus programs are concealed in links, videos and downloads – and are often difficult for the layperson to identify, let alone remove.

4. Our privacy is also the privacy of our family and friends
The privacy of children and teens is often a sensitive subject. If you don’t sufficiently protect your own data, images, videos, and information, you also endanger those of your family and friends. Smart toys, game consoles with webcams, and communication systems on smartphones are able to perceive the entire environment – including that of our loved ones. These devices are not safe from attack either. There have even been cases of hackers gaining access to baby monitor cameras.

5. No system is 100% reliable – almost no system
Antivirus programs, firewalls, and encryption programs are important and should always be up to date – but they’re never 100% reliable either. Because the digital world is developing at lightning speed, criminals are always finding loopholes and new methods of infiltrating our privacy. The only thing we can do is put a stop to it manually and offline, for instance with a Webcam Cover, a Privacy Screen Protector or a RFID Protection Sleeve.