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Privacy Policy

1. Data Protection

The protection of your privacy and therefore of your confidential data is a top priority at soomz ag. Even more: protecting your privacy is our main principle of conduct.

This approach not only applies to the products we sell, it also applies to all of the fields in which soomz ag works. For the website and the webshop at, this means that we deliberately only process the minimum of data required for our operations. We handle your data in the way that we would like our own data to be handled – reduced to a minimum in terms of its content and scope, and secured on a technical basis according to the highest standards.

Every visit in the internet leaves behind trails of data, which cannot be completely prevented, even with the best technology. When you visit the website or webshop at, the trail you leave behind should be as limited as possible. At the same time, we do not want to make your visit unnecessarily awkward either. The effective approach concerning the use of your data is described as follows.

2. Use of personal data

When you visit the website, your internet protocol address (IP address) is used so that our system can ascertain the country from which you are visiting our website. This is done so that the product prices are shown in the currency which is of relevance to you.

We would prefer not to use any of your personal data. To be able to deliver our products to you, however, we require a delivery address. And if someone would like to send a gift, we gather the personal data concerning the person who is going to be surprised with the gift. In addition to personal data, payment information is also used for the completion of purchases on All online payment processes occur via our payment processing partners' secure data connections, without us coming into contact with the highly sensitive payment data.

In order to analyse the use of the website, we apply the Piwik open-source software. The Piwik tool and the processed data remain on our servers. For the dispatch and management of newsletters, the MailChimp service is applied. Limited to the expressly registered recipients, name, first name and email address of our newsletter subscribers are forwarded to MailChimp. To carry out certain services such as completing payments for purchases or the delivery of ordered products, we forward certain customer data to further selected partner companies such as the Swiss Post. We limit this forwarding of data to the absolute minimum and know of no exceptions to this rule. Forwarding personal data under any other circumstances is never an option.

Those who have registered for the newsletter or the press accreditation are able to cancel such registrations at any time by providing us with appropriate notification, and we will then delete all the corresponding data that has been saved.

We only collect, save and use personal data to the extent that it is required for the specific area of use – the customer relationship between you and soomz ag, and for the minimum time period necessary.

When using personal data we align ourselves with the Swiss data protection laws and ensure the highest degree of confidentiality.

3. Use of cookies

In the webshop at, so-called cookies are used. The use of cookies means we are able to offer you a certain level of user friendliness as regards the use of the webshop. The cookies that are saved enable a previously completed order to be reinitialised without you having to complete the order form again. Cookies are stored locally on your system. The use of cookies is carried out anonymously. No link between the cookies or the personal data is made at any time. Most browsers automatically accept the local saving of cookies. You can also adjust or deactivate the automatic saving of cookies in your browser as required.

4. Secure transfer of data

Nobody is able to guarantee absolute protection when it comes to transferring data. To protect our customers, visitors and ourselves, however, ensuring the optimum transfer of sensitive data is one of our top priorities. For the transfer of personal data, we therefore use the Secure Socket Layer coding system (SSL). Our website and our webshop run on systems that function at the latest state of the art at all times. Through technical and organisational measures we secure our systems to prevent the loss, destruction, accessing, changing or distribution of your data by unauthorised persons.