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All products from can be individually customized and are perfect for use as campaign tools and employee and promotional gifts.

Protect your business

Every software and antivirus program can be hacked. Preferred gateways for attacks are webcams and RFID interfaces on access and credit cards. This means attackers gaining insights into your company, images that can be used for blackmail, access for unauthorised individuals and theft.

Protecting your business and employees with a hardware solution is the only way you’ll have nothing to fear. Our products ensure that your company’s doors remain closed to unwanted visitors.

Raise awareness among your employees

Anyone who uses webcams at home without a thought for the security risk can make themselves susceptible to blackmail and in certain circumstances can even reveal secrets that damage their company. By failing to use electronic devices and access and credit cards in a careful and conscious manner, they pose a risk not only to themselves but also to their employers.

But with simple and effective gadgets, you can raise awareness among your employees and draw their attention to the risks of the online world.

Give your customers some privacy

Presents from soomz express what your company stands for, which is outstanding quality, professionalism and openness. Your advertising message and your logo will always be in the customer’s field of vision. And since we launch new, innovative products all the time, our range is sure to contain a clever product idea for your next campaign.

Open to your needs: let us advise you

All packaging and carrier cards for our products can be individually customized. The metal slides on the webcam covers can be decorated with a multicolored logo or motif and RFID protection products have space for a picture or a personal message.

Manufactured in Switzerland or in nearby European countries, products meet the very highest quality standards. Our service will help you with everything from idea generation, design and printing to shipping. We will be happy to advise you in person.

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"The ideal tool"

"The webcam covers by are an ideal tool for making both teenagers and adults aware of the issue of their own digital privacy."

Pascal Widmer, youth and prevention department of the Basel police force

"The right to privacy is non-negotiable for us and our customers. The camera covers by are a clever and easy way to gain more digital privacy."

Istvan Lam, CEO and co-founder of Tresorit – the perfect partner for your promotional items offers clever customer value that exceeds expectations sells first-class, Swiss-quality products is synonymous with social responsibility in the area of privacy

By the way: a give-away with 76 logo views per day

According to a study by the US market research institute dscout, the average mobile phone user unlocks his or her smartphone screen 76 times a day. This means that we also look at our webcam numerous times, making it the perfect location to display your company logo.

Four good reasons to choose for your business

1. To protect your company against money and data theft
2. To protect your employees against blackmail
3. To raise awareness in relation to the handling of confidential data
4. As a matter of principle, because we don’t want to share everything with everyone!

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