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Shoulder Surfing

Who hasn’t experienced it? You’re on the train, on a bus or at the airport briefly checking your most important e-mails on your smartphone, or you’re browsing through the selfies you took last night, when suddenly you get that uncomfortable feeling – someone’s looking over your shoulder at your display.

Shoulder surfing happens everywhere, usually inadvertently but occasionally on purpose. Because we keep intimate information on our smartphone, these kinds of glimpses always represent a serious invasion of our privacy.

How can I protect myself?

No longer using our cell phones in public is, of course, not an option. The solution is to see but not be seen: our high-quality Privacy Screen Protector offer privacy protection for smartphone displays and keep tedious shoulder surfers at bay by darkening the screen from a side perspective of 30°. At the same time, the display remains bright and perfectly legible for you.

The screen protector is simple to affix to the screen without adhesive and doesn’t leave any residue behind when removed. If you want to share images and news with your neighbors, switch the Privacy Screen Protector to "share mode" simply by tilting the phone into a horizontal position.